Management Training

By Perfect Vision International

Management Training

As with our other training, we offer both in-house training as well as open/public courses, in order to “upskill” your people and substantially improve their management performance by either method.

In-House Training

We can conduct this “on site” at your offices or at whichever location is best for yourselves. The training is tailored to fit exactly with the needs of your people, irrespective of their management and experience levels.

We cover the whole of the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world – so we can train anywhere worldwide.

We provide training for:- Cell Leaders, Team Leaders, Supervisors (both office and factory based), first line, middle and senior management (all disciplines).

Skills covered are wide reaching, including:

Managing People, Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Time Management, Delegation, Planning & Organisational skills, Assertiveness, Handling Conflict, Team Building, Appraisals, Recruitment Interviewing, Financial for Non-Financial People, Train The Trainer, Presentation Skills, Managing Change, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Negotiation skills, Sales Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making.

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Management Training Format

We work with yourselves to agree “tangible and measurable objectives” to be achieved (over an agreed timeframe) by your people, once they have been trained.

From 1-to-1 Coaching upwards, up to 12 maximum per workshop, in order to achieve the best results.

Perfect Vision International Training

All Perfect Vision International training is very participative and interactive. We don’t do “role plays” – we are not “playing at it” – we do “reality plays” – we get as near to “real life situations” as is possible.

Follow-Up is also “key” for long-term sustainability of results.

Open/Public Management Courses

We regularly run a 2-Day “Management Skills” open/public course. This is aimed at people who need the skills of “managing people” and caters for differing roles and levels of experience.

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