Customer Service Training

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Customer Service Training

Excellent customer service is demanded by all customers from all members of a supplier’s organisation whoever they come into contact with (face-to-face, phone, email etc.)

Not just from front line customer service staff but from “everyone”. No company can afford to have a “weak link” in the “value chain”.

Consequently, our in-house training can be tailored to one and every department across an organisation. E.g. proactive customer service skills, telephone skills, communication skills (all channels – phone, email, letter etc.), questioning and listening skills, complaint handling, internal and external customers, credit control, reception, interdepartmental communication, prioritisation and self-organisational skills, customer awareness and customer interface skills for technical people.

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Why we are different from other training companies

Training can be “on site” at your offices or wherever is most suitable for yourselves and your people. From 1-to-1 Coaching upwards, up to 12 maximum per workshop, in order to achieve the best results.

Ideally, we agree with yourselves beforehand “tangible, measurable objectives” for the training/coaching to achieve so that we can assess and measure the success of the programme and Return on Investment.

All Perfect Vision International training is very participative and interactive. We don’t do “role plays” – we are not “playing at it” – we do “reality plays” – we get as near to “real life situations” as is possible.

Follow-Up is also “key” for long-term sustainability of results.

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