We specialize in training that is geared towards “sustained tangible results” and “Return on Investment” so, unlike other training companies, we start off at the “destination” or end-point of any training – I.e. “What would you be delighted with your people achieving 6 months after any training?” We carry this philosophy across all of our sales training, management training, customer service training, technical training and coaching.


We undertake both in-house Sales Training, as well as offering “Open or Public” Courses, so we can help your people to improve their sales results and profitability via either method.

In House Training

We tailor the training to be 100% right for your sales people, both in content and level. This training can be undertaken on site at your offices or at an off-site venue (e.g. hotel) if this is preferable to yourselves.

We cover the whole of the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world – so we will literally train at any location worldwide – wherever you want is to go!

Whatever the needs of your sales people, we can help them achieve the targets you want from them. Skills we can train in include:-

Introduction to Sales, Professional Selling Skills, Solution Selling, Account Management and Development, Time Management and Territory and Journey Planning, Winning New Business, Specification Sales, Presentation Skills (incl. CPD), Negotiation skills, Closing More Sales, “Live” Calling, Overcoming Objections, Internal Sales, Telesales, Proactive Customer Service skills, Sales Coaching, Sales Management skills.

Ideally we like to work with a “tangible target” to aim for. By asking the question: “What sales results would you like your sales people to have achieved (in tangible terms) 6 months after the training?”

We can usually agree with you “what success (from the training) would translate into for the business?”

We do not know of many (any?) other training companies that are prepared to “stand up and be counted” in this way!!

We can train any number of people in-house (from 1-to-1 coaching upwards). However, we would generally say that 12 would be a maximum number per workshop (with 8/10 being ideal) to achieve the best results.

Open/Public Courses

As well as in-house training, we also run regular open/public courses. These are:- Professional Sales Skills

This 2-Day Course covers all of the key core sales skills needed to sell professionally in today’s demanding marketplaces.

Account Management & Development

This course provides the skills for planning and implementing strategies to both look after and develop/grow business with our existing customers. To get close to them and work in partnership with them to forge a long-term close working relationship, with the added-value and business it provides.

Presentation Skills

How to present confidently to groups both using PowerPoint (or similar) as well as with other media. The skills of getting the message across successfully, geared to the audience. Also covers presenting literature/brochures and samples as well as presenting 1-to-1.

Negotiation Skills

“Win-win” negotiating is vital if we want a long-term business relationship from which both parties benefit. However, we need to be skilled in getting the best deal possible whilst allowing the other party to feel that they have got the best deal they can, too.

Internal Sales

Covers all of the sales skills needed to be both proactive and professional when dealing with customers (and prospects) over the ‘phone and via email.

Management Training

As with our other training, we offer both in-house training as well as open/public courses, in order to “upskill” your people and substantially improve their management performance by either method.

In-House Training

We can conduct this “on site” at your offices or at whichever location is best for yourselves. The training is tailored to fit exactly with the needs of your people, irrespective of their management and experience levels.

We cover the whole of the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world – so we can train anywhere worldwide.

We provide training for:- Cell Leaders, Team Leaders, Supervisors (both office and factory based), first line, middle and senior management (all disciplines). Skills covered are wide reaching, including:-

Managing People, Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Time Management, Delegation, Planning & Organisational skills, Assertiveness, Handling Conflict, Team Building, Appraisals, Recruitment Interviewing, Financial for Non-Financial People, Train The Trainer, Presentation Skills, Managing Change, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Negotiation skills, Sales Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making.

We work with yourselves to agree “tangible and measurable objectives” to be achieved (over an agreed timeframe) by your people, once they have been trained.

In terms of numbers, we can train any number from “1-to-1” upwards. However, training group sizes should not exceed 12 per workshop, with 8/10 being an ideal number to achieve the best results.

Open Courses

We regularly run a 2-Day “Management Skills” open/public course. This is aimed at people who need the skills of “managing people” and caters for differing roles and levels of experience.

Customer Service Training

Excellent customer service is demanded by all customers from all members of a supplier’s organisation whosever they come into contact with (face-to-face, phone, email etc.)

Not just from front line customer service staff but from “everyone”. No company can afford to have a “weak link” in the “value chain”.

Consequently, our in-house training can be tailored one or  each and every department across an organisation. E.g. proactive customer service skills, telephone skills, communication skills (and channels – phone, email, letter etc.), questioning and listening skills, complaint handling, internal and external customers, credit control, reception, interdepartmental communication, prioritisation and self-organisational skills, customer awareness and customer interface skills for technical people.

Training can be “on site” at your offices or wherever is most suitable for yourselves and your people. Group sizes can vary from “1-to-1 coaching” to a maximum of 12 people per course (8/10 being an ideal number).

Ideally, we agree with yourselves beforehand “tangible, measurable objectives” for the training/coaching to achieve so that we can assess and measure the success of the programme and Return on Investment.

Technical Training

We offer a wide variety of “other” training which can be tailored and conducted “on site” for any of your people:-

Instructor Training/Train The Trainer

Tailored IT Training (MS PowerPoint, Outlook/Calendar, Excel, Word, MS Project, OP. Systems)

Finance for Non-Financial People

Commercial Awareness

Written Communication/Report Writing – via email, letter, report etc.

Project Management Training

Customer Interface Skills for Technical People


As well as “training”, we are also able to offer “Coaching services” at all levels across sales skills, management skills and customer service skills.

This can range from “1-to-1 Coaching” through “small group coaching” to “coaching larger groups”.

We work to “specific briefs and objectives” and the coaching (irrespective of which business skills) is generally spread over more than 1 session “on site”. These involve a mixed combination of:- “Theory session(s), On-the-job coaching, “projects” set by the coach to be completed by delegate(s) “on the job” in between coaching sessions, Review/Evaluation of Achievements, Further Coaching as needed and Completion/Fulfilment of Objectives”.

  • We can train people at all levels and tailor programmes that are 100% right for your needs.  

  • As well as “training”, we are also able to offer “Coaching services” at all levels across sales skills, management skills and customer service skills.  This can range from “1-to-1 Coaching” through “small group coaching” to “coaching larger groups”.

  • We are proud to be an Institute of Sales Management (ISM) Endorsed Centre, which means that we can offer you full Accreditation and Certification across all sales courses at all levels.


Follow-Up is a key element for long-term sustainability of results

All Perfect Vision training is very participative and interactive. We don’t do “role plays” – we are not “playing at it” – we do “reality plays” – we get as near to “real life situations” as is possible.

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Our trainers all come from backgrounds of first class high achievement in their respective disciplines – sales, management, customer service and technical. This “credibility” of background ensures that they can help your people to progress to the highest level that they are capable of.



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