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As well as “training”, we are also able to offer “Coaching services” at all levels across sales skills, management skills and customer service skills.

This can range from “1-to-1 Coaching” through “small group coaching” to “coaching larger groups”.

We work to “specific briefs and objectives” and the coaching (irrespective of which business skills) is generally spread over more than 1 session “on site”.

These involve a mixed combination of:

“Theory session(s), On-the-job coaching, “projects” set by the coach to be completed by delegate(s) “on the job” in between coaching sessions, Review/Evaluation of Achievements, Further Coaching as needed and Completion/Fulfilment of Objectives”.

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Professional Training Services

Sales Training

We undertake both in-house Sales Training and “Open or Public” Courses, to improve sales results and profitability.

Management Training

Our management level training “upskills” your people and substantially improves their management performance.

Customer Service Training

Our in-house training can be tailored one, or each and every, department across your organisation.

Other Training

We offer a wide variety of “other” training which can be tailored and conducted “on site” and on request.

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