About Perfect Vision International

Why we are different from other training companies

  • We start by asking you what “tangible results” you want from the training (i.e. we start at the finish!)
  • We pioneered “Reality Training” – we don’t do role plays, we do “reality plays” – real world not make believe!
  • We have a full pre-brief and support package including E-Learning and Online Leaning Management
  • In the 2016 British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards, we were winners across 3 categories!

How we can help

We combine excellent experience and first class business knowledge with the latest techniques and Online Learning Management Support Systems in training and coaching across Sales Training, Management and Customer Service training.

For 30 years we have been delivering outstanding training programmes throughout a number of industries to a number of the world’s leading organisations.

Our Team

Our trainers all come from backgrounds of first class high achievement in their respective disciplines – sales, management, customer service and technical. This “credibility” of background ensures that they can help your people to progress to the highest level that they are capable of.

Our trainers will assist your people to improve their skills so that they both a) grow as individuals, and – equally importantly – b) bring the resultant benefits to your business that high achievement delivers.

We can train people at all levels and tailor programmes that are 100% right for your needs.


We are proud to be an Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) Endorsed Centre, which means that we can offer you full Accreditation and Certification across all sales courses at all levels.

The ISMM is the nationally recognized body in Accreditation of Professional Sales Skills Standards, both UK-wide and in Europe too.

In 2016 Perfect Vision International customers won Gold Awards (twice!!) in the 2016 British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (the BESMA’s, which are like the industry’s “Oscars”!!) and, in addition, one of our trainers won a Bronze Award in the “Trainer of the Year” category!