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For Training in Sales, Management, Customer Service and Technical Training Skills



Why we are different from other training companies

  • We start by asking you what “tangible results” you want from the training (i.e. we start at the finish!)
  • We pioneered “Reality Training” – we don’t do role plays, we do “reality plays” – real world not make believe!
  • We have a full pre-brief and support package including E-Learning and Online Leaning Management
  • In the 2016 British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards, we were winners across 3 categories!

Professional Training and Coaching

Sales Training

We undertake both in-house Sales Training and “Open or Public” Courses, to improve sales results and profitability.

Management Training

Our management level training “upskills” your people and substantially improves their management performance.

Customer Service Training

Our in-house training can be tailored one, or each and every, department across your organisation.

Other Training

We offer a wide variety of “other” training which can be tailored and conducted “on site” and on request.

We combine excellent experience and first class business knowledge with the latest techniques in training and coaching, from Sales and Management Training to Multi-Level Communicative Learning Techniques.

For 30 years we have been delivering training programmes to the world’s leading organisations. Find out more

We also offer E-Learning and an Online Learning Management Support System

We specialise in:

  • Sales Training 100%
  • Management Training 100%
  • Customer Service Training 100%
  • Other Training (Technical etc) 100%
  • Coaching 100%

Please contact us with any enquiries you may have. We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your organisation.

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We offer Coaching Services at all levels across sales skills, management skills and customer service skills. This can range from 1-to-1 Coaching, through Small Group Coaching, to Large Group Coaching.